Our Story

At the end of the day, the people that matter the most are the Patients and the Communities that are served.  Atlas was formed as a way for the founders to attempt to bring stability to a very unstable facet in the US healthcare system.   Atlas has a large list of clients, both large and small.  Some of the needs are short term, only a few months, and some have been long-term relationships of over five years.  As many operating contractract management groups and local groups transition through hospitals, Atlas has been steady state.  The model Atlas Physician blends in seamlessly into the ranks of the Medical Staff, and the primary goal is to take great care of patients, while meeting the goals, metrics, and documentation standards of any sized facility.  Atlas has helped many  hospitals through some very difficult transitions, to a stable and successful group of full-time doctors.

What Makes Atlas Physicians Different?

No secret here, there are many staffing companies out there. They all say the same thing, especially on their websites! However, Atlas Physicians was one of the very first Physician owned-and-operated staffing companies. It was formed around the belief that there should be extremely high-quality physicians practicing medicine in every corner of America.  This is not often the case in many rural, underserved, or even urban areas. Whether a large tertiary-care center, trauma center, community hospital, or a rural critical access facility, there are many times large gaps in coverage for Physicians. There is also a large gap in coverage for high-quality, board-certified, experienced travel physicians that have the experience of working with multiple hospital systems and electronic medical record systems.

The job of being a physician is already difficult enough, especially during and after the pandemic.  Added to that, the extreme uncertainty of travel itself in this day and age, add another large layer of complexity  and need for expertise. Finally, the need to be able to instantly orient oneself and integrate oneself into exceedingly complex hospital systems , and systems of care, make somebody with the right training, attitude, and experience of the utmost importance. Atlas Physicians are masters of “blending in “, This means that they will join the ranks of Medical Staff Providers and start seeing patients on the first day.

In our opinion, that is the difference; continuing, or even starting to provide high-quality medical care at a facility in a completely seamless process. The Delta of the curve between the data points of “good enough “and “spectacular!”, Is what separates average locum tenens firms from the absolute best.

What does Atlas stand for?

Atlas was a way for the founders to bring stability and balance to an extremely unstable industry in US Healthcare.   It was a way to bring stability for physicians that do Locum Tenens for a living, by having a large, stable list of reputable clients in areas need.  On the hospital side, there are many places that have a ‘revolving door’ of contract management or employed groups.  In some cases, Atlas physicians outlast the groups for several years or even longer.  Atlas only recruits and hirs the best doctors because they themselves are experienced traveling physicians. In bringing excellent doctors to areas that are most difficult to access, and often underserved, we fulfill our mission to help our fellow Americans.  The people that matter most are the patients that are served.   Atlas serves around 80,000-150,000 patients per year.


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