About Us

What Makes Atlas Physicians different?

Indeed, there are so many staffing companies, they all say the same thing, especially on their websites!

However,  Atlas Physicians was one of the very first Physician-owned-and-operated Locum Tenens staffing companies in the country.  It was formed with the belief that there should be extremely high-quality physicians practicing medicine in every corner of America.  This is not often the case in many rural and underserved, or even urban areas. Whether a large tertiary care trauma center, or rural critical access facility, there are very often large gaps in coverage for physicians, and an omnipresent gap in coverage for high quality, board-certified, experienced travel physicians.

The job of being a physician is already difficult enough , especially during and after the pandemic era.  Add to that the extreme uncertainty of travel in this day and age,  the need to instantly orient and integrate oneself into excaeedingly complex hospital systems and systems of care.   Atlas Physicians are masters of blending in.  This means that they will join any
ranks at any site, and see patients on day 1, sometimes even  hour 1, of arrival. 


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