How we helped transform an entire Emergency Department

The Atlas Difference

The site was a struggling 70k annual volume ED.

Atlas was engaged to fix it

Numerous problems
Patient satisfaction and consumer perception were extremely poor. The department had LOS and throughput time well above the national average. Finally, physicians and nursing experienced high turnover due to difficult working conditions and culture
Physician hiring and retention was a key issue that affected all others
The site had been through multiple groups of physicians over recent decade. The new latest CMG was woried that they could lose the contract due to difficulty hiring quality EM physicians to fill needs. The hospital had a terrible reputation regionally among physicians as a poor workplace
Traditional locum agencies unable to meet needs
Previously the CM group had worked with well-known locum agencies, but the quality of physicians was mediocre to average while still being expensive. Additionally, these locum physicians had no investment in helping change site culture and quality. Given the above, the CMG decided to contract with Atlas to replace all locum physicians with a dedicated "transition team" of physicians, with goal of improving all site goals and metrics over a period of time

Atlas is more than just a staffing company

We're a transition team

Our physicians work as “virtual” full-time staff who are fully engaged members of your institution


Our physicians don’t just pick up charts They work to change department culture – by working harder, faster, and always with a smile


We help support hospital quality campaigns such as stroke, sepsis, patient satisfaction and more


Impact hospital metrics that drive the bottom-line such as LOS, LWOBs, patient satisfaction, CMS pay for performance, etc.

Metrics improved within 3 months

1 minutes
Reduction in Discharge-LOS
1 %
Reduction in LWOBS Percentage

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